Thrilling design, high performance style and maximum comfort

All seafarers know that the rubber dinghy has always represented the essence of boating: versatile, safe, permitting complete freedom of movement in the water.

in the fifties the brand Pirelli stood for freedom of movement on the road and in the water too, with its “rubber boats” permitting thousands of italians to discover their beautiful coastline.

More than fifty years later Pirelli entered into a trademark license with Tecnorib for rubber dinghies. in addition to versatility and freedom, today’s rubber dinghies offer all the originality, style and simplicity of a sporting vessel. And Tecnorib responds with a fleet of vessels that make no compromises, from the study of materials to design of their lines.

Thus design becomes the engine driving a design that makes the most of space, technology and outstanding attention to detail.

Going to sea is no longer a matter of refined evocations, but draws on a true vocation, know- how and expertise in the world of boating.
The new dinghies go back to the very heart of the experienceofsettingouttosea,withoutgivingup authentic quality.

Sophisticated, versatile boats for everyone who wants a thrilling, high performance vessel without giving up comfort.
Where technology and design come together for top navigation, continuing to make Pirelli PZero’s italian-made products a symbol of quality, beauty and innovation.

At sea as well as on land…

power is nothing without control!

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